Anger Management 

Welcome to our Anger Management self-help page. Here we explore ways of dealing with anger and provide information to friends and family members of those who have anger problems 

What is anger?

When we feel ourselves under attack, lied to, unfairly treated or criticised, it is often natural for us to respond with feelings of anger. This is part of our normal human experience. We don’t always have to see it as a negative emotion. Indeed, it can sometimes be useful and necessary, for example, to help drive and motivate us to take action

When is anger a problem?

Anger may be problematic when it becomes chronic, inappropriate or regularly causes harm to you or the people you come into contact with. For example, when angry, if you lash out, or say very hurtful things which you do not mean, this can have a negative impact on relationships. Prolonged anger can also raise blood pressure and cause other mental and physical health problems

Click on the picture below to access the ‘How to deal with anger’ self-help booklet

Other Techniques


The STOPP technique has been described as CBT in a nutshell and can be used to help you take control over your emotions. Click here for the STOPP worksheet. Give it a try, and see if it works for you.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Head to our Relaxation and Mindfulness for a range of techniques which may help you manage your anger.

Need support? Head over to our online directory for a list of organisations which may be able to help.


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