Welcome to our Phobias self-help page. Here we explore what phobias are, potential causes, self-help techniques and what support and treatments are available. We also advise how friends and family can help

What are Phobias?

Phobias are a debilitating and overwhelming fear of particular situations such as people, places, situations, animals or feelings. For example, you may have an overwhelming fear of spiders or even people and social situations. Symptoms can range from sweating, trembling, and feeling nauseous to having chest pains and feeling detached from your body

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What do other people say about Phobias?

John shares his experience of social phobia and the steps he is taking to recover 


Jennifer shares her experience of living with emetophobia 

Useful Contacts

Anxiety UK

Overview: Information and support for people experiencing phobias and anxiety
Telephone: 0844 477 5774

Be Mindful

Overview: Information about mindfulness and local courses available


Overview: A supportive, online community for anyone with mental health problems

No Panic

Overview: Information and support for people with phobias, anxiety disorders and panic attacks
Telephone: 0800 138 8889

No More Panic

Overview: Information and support for people experiencing anxiety disorders, panic and phobias

Triumph Over Phobia

Overview: Advice and information for people with phobias
Telephone: 01225 571 740

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