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Jas’ poem – Kindness

Kindness is shopping for someone when they are unable to leave their home. Kindness is being patient with a person when they are having a bad day. Kindness is making videos for those you care about so they don’t have to feel alone on a special day. Kindness is making someone laugh to the point of tears with a funny old story that you haven’t told in years. Kindness is giving someone space so they can feel more at peace. Kindness is watching a cheesy movie together and getting lost in the present moment.

Kindness is a smile, kindness is a wave and kindness is acknowledging someone else’s pain. Kindness is fighting the doom and gloom together; kindness is knowing someone is there whatever the weather. Kindness is a unexpected phone call to lessen the pain. Kindness for many is keeping safe and staying away so we can be together again on a much brighter day. Kindness is like a warm embrace. Kindness is the connection that helps us feel safe.

Written by Jasvinder (Jas), a Mind in Bradford volunteer

Posted on: 19th May 2020