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Mental Health Awareness Week Blog 4: Emotions in Lockdown

Client Alan writes a poem about how Mind in Bradford has helped him to move forward after experiencing a difficult personal time.

Emotions in Lockdown

The first lockdown wasn’t fun

But I had my family then, we were still as one

My foolish actions tore us apart

It broke my life, my soul, and my heart

My wife and kids want me no more

It really hurt me to the core

I look through eyes that are wet and hazy

Whilst the monsters in my head run crazy

Then restrictions began to lift

But my ship of hope was still adrift

I try to get back in life’s race

But I am surrounded by strangers with a mask on their face

I stand alone amongst humanity

And try so very hard to retain my sanity

My head’s in a mess, it’s all in a jumble

But I must not let go, but I started to crumble

Then just as I thought I couldn’t cope

I met some people who gave me hope

We walk and talk and have some fun

They make me feel that I am someone

I talk to them whilst my eyes glisten

But they say to me “It’s okay Alan, we are here to listen”

They never judge or put me down

They make me smile and remove my frown

Now lockdown two has been and gone

And I am glad I have these friends I can lean upon

Given where I was this time last year

I can look to the future with a little less fear

I can, and I will put all this behind me

However, the monsters remain

Just to remind me.

Posted on: 13th May 2021