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Mental Health Awareness Week Blog 6: Healing through Nature

Volunteer Anoushka writes about how nature helped her on her journey to heal and recover after being off work with stress.

When I was off work with stress nature really helped me to get a well-needed change of scenery;  I was off sick during the pandemic so my home didn’t feel like it was a place of solace anymore having had to work from home too.

I started small by adding on a trip to the park whilst I was out at the shops or appointments, from there I built up to going for walks locally or nearby and then got back into running. Being outdoors helped me to be more present and not in my mind; there are so many lovely things to notice and find joy in when outdoors – the sounds, the temperature, the weather, the changes in the season, wildlife etc.  

It helped me to be more mindful and appreciate the simple things again, it helped me on my journey to heal and recover. 

One of the loveliest things I saw when outdoors was a bench that promoted kindness and happiness for those seeking healing in nature. 

Posted on: 13th May 2021