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Mental Health Awareness Week Blog 7: Connecting with Nature

Some of our team tell us what they love about connecting with nature and how it makes them feel. 

“I couldn’t have gotten through the last year without getting outside, whatever the weather, and walking my dog (Dolce). Getting outside into nature feels like the biggest dose of medicine. Even better, if there is water such as a river or the sea.” – Project Administrator Lisa

“I love being out in nature – the great thing about the Bradford district is that opportunities to get involved in nature are always so close. The canals, rivers, woods, parks are amazing. I always find it a highlight of the day if I spot a butterfly when I am out and about, or hear birdsong, especially at dusk. I can add them to the things I am grateful for at the end of a day which might be quite hard. My tip, whatever time it is, is to look up at the sky!” – Volunteer Jan

“Summer is my favourite time of year.  My mood instantly lifts when the sun is out and people are so much happier.  I love walking as it helps to clear my mind and gets me out into nature, which I find therapeutic.  Doing the couch to 5k was scary at first as I haven’t run since leaving school.  I have nearly completed week two and I am beginning to feel the difference, from struggling on week 1, to completing each run.  It also brings a sense of achievement that is great for self worth.” – Volunteer Diana

Posted on: 14th May 2021