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What is Healthy Minds?

Whether you have a diagnosed illness, are concerned about a loved one or just want to learn how to look after your own mind better, mental health concerns us all. Healthy Minds exists to encourage us all to look after our minds. Developed in collaboration across statutory, private and VCS partners, Healthy Minds is an approach committed to across Bradford District and Craven.

Healthy Minds’ mission is to create a united approach to improving the mental health and wellbeing of all people in Bradford District and Craven. Through a variety of tools and support, Healthy Minds aims to empower both the general public and healthcare professionals to amplify Bradford District and Craven’s mental health and wellbeing support services, resources and information. Healthy Minds’ vision is to make a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of all people in Bradford District and Craven, driven by the need to help people access the support services, resources and information they need, and deserve, in the simplest way possible.

What is the Healthy Minds directory?

The Healthy Minds website (www.healthyminds.services) is the single point of access for all in Bradford District and Craven to look after their minds. The website was created to bridge the gap between those looking for support and services struggling to reach and help the right people. Home to the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Assistant, Services Index and Wellbeing Resources, the website is easy to use, opening the door to mental health and wellbeing support services, resources and information. 

Mind in Bradford is proud to deliver the website’s directory, which helps you to find support services via the Service Index or Wellbeing Assistant. The Services Index lists a wide range of wellbeing support services available in Bradford District and Craven, from workshops to peer support groups, and the Wellbeing Assistant offers tailored suggestions on services and self-help apps based on how the user is feeling, so people can find what they need, when they need it – quickly and easily.

Wellbeing resources cover a range of topics and provide self-help materials to help people understand and improve their thoughts and feelings. 

Who is it for?

The website is for everyone in Bradford District and Craven and is accessible 24 hours a day.


I look back and see that if my GP knew what support was available to me, I might have accessed it earlier and what’s more I would have chosen myself what I needed.

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