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Suzanne Jacob Mind in Bradford

Suzanne Jacob

Safe Spaces Service Manager

Suzanne has been at Mind in Bradford since 2019 as a Recovery Worker for the Sanctuary. Prior to that she worked for a relationship charity for 12 years and has a background in product management. She is currently studying a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and she wants to help people overcome struggles so they can live the best life they can. Suzanne is passionate about offering the best service possible to clients so that no one has to struggle on their own. She believes that: ‘We all have a unique story, people can go through very dark times. I endeavour to show them some light and bring a bit of hope into their story.’

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Safe Spaces

Crisis Support Workers and Team Leaders

This welcoming team of understanding staff receive ongoing training in mental health and safeguarding so they can support people experiencing a crisis. Many have lived with mental health problems themselves so can understand how you may be feeling. Find our latest Safe Spaces vacancies here. 

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Masira Hans, Mind in Bradford

Masira Hans

SMI Programme Manager

Masira has a background in Psychology and Counselling and has previously worked in community engagement and development. Masira is passionate about ensuring the voices of diverse communities are heard and people are always at the heart of what we do. She enjoys thinking of new ways to engage with people and actively reduce stigma attached to mental health. She is excited to be a part of the team to help drive the message of how mental health is just as important as physical health. Masira is also the Chair of the popular Women’s Health Network and enjoys writing, reading and exploring new places.

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Izzy Spilsbury Mind In Bradford

Izzy Spilsbury

SMI Community Engagement Officer

Izzy has a Masters in Philosophy & Psychology and is passionate about improving the lives of those living with a mental illness. Izzy believes in the importance of holistic approaches to mental health care, taking into consideration the physical and social factors when developing services. She strongly upholds that everyone should have access to care and support, and has joined the team to help improve the physical interventions available to those with a severe mental illness. Aside from her Psychology background, Izzy is also a qualified Horticulturist and Florist, and enjoys horse riding, walking and cooking in her spare time.

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Hisham Al Mahayni

Service Manager for Enhanced Access, WISHH and SMI-LE

Hisham has a Masters degree in International Development Management from Bradford University and has worked in the NGO sector for over 13 years. He chose this field of study as he finds helping people extremely rewarding and wants to use his experience to support our community in the best way possible.  Hisham says ”As a man working in the field of mental health, I’ve discovered a deeply rewarding journey of compassion and growth. My presence has provided a diverse perspective, breaking through stereotypes and fostering connections with clients.”

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Mehnaz Akhtar

Service Coordinator for Enhanced Access, WISHH and SMI-LE

Mehnaz has been working in the voluntary sector for more than 15 years designing and implementing projects that offer support for children and adults. Her journey at Mind in Bradford began during the pandemic when Mehnaz decided to volunteer to help support people with their mental health particularly with anxiety and bereavement. She went on to become a Relief Worker on the Enhanced Access service and from there a contracted Enhanced Access worker. Since October 2022 Mehnaz is now the Service Coordinator for Enhanced Access, Wishh and SMI-LE. Mehnaz say’s “My journey has been very rewarding, no two days are the same which is what I love the most about my role.”

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Phil Woodward

Guide-Line and Wellbeing Manager

Phil’s background has been primarily in the Substance Misuse sector and he has worked in the community, delivering 1:1 interventions in primary care settings and also managed a recovery centre. He also worked in HMP Leeds as a Throughcare and Aftercare Worker. Phil has a degree in Counselling and Psychology and strongly believes that we should try to understand people’s life story before judging them, saying: “I enjoy making a positive difference to the services I manage and seeing how we make a positive difference to the lives of the clients that need support.”

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Kathryn Anderson

Wellbeing Practitioner

Kathryn has previously worked with young people and families with disabilities and autism. She also has a background in youth work and has run community groups in Manchester. She currently facilitates Walk and Talk, a recovery support group and will be running the Women’s Wellness group from May. Kathryn runs a community cafe in Manchester 2 days a week and enjoys cycling, swimming and camping. 

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Shabnam Butt

Wellbeing Practitioner

Shabnam joined Mind in Bradford with an aim to empower and support people into taking charge of their wellbeing. Shabnam has a background in supporting young people and families with their mental health within the Bradford community. She is currently working as a Wellbeing Practitioner delivering sessions on confidence and self-esteem.

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Duncan Robbins

Wellbeing Practitioner

Duncan has previously volunteered at other local charities, running mental health groups for their clients and has a background in youth work. He is a keen advocate of peer support, is a qualified Qi Gong teacher and facilitates the Walk and Talk group on Mondays. In his spare time, he manages his own allotment, grows his own vegetables and also runs a Qi Gong group in the community. Duncan say’s “The best thing about my job is making a difference and helping people to improve their day and lives”.

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