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Eating disorders and getting help: Ian’s story

Ian has been coming to Mind in Bradford for support for the past few years. 

We sat down with Ian to hear more about his mental health experiences and how coming to Mind in Bradford has helped him.

“I was diagnosed with eating disorders and depression and it really impacted my life,” said Ian, reflecting on when he first started to struggle with his mental health. “I was struggling to make friends and get out. I do have a job but it took a while to be able to get back to work, I had a lot of time off sick. And I was just not talking, keeping everything bottled up.”

Ian goes on to talk about how he discovered Mind in Bradford and his experiences of getting support.

“I did see a leaflet somewhere, it might have been in the Bradford library, something about Mind. I sat on it for a good few weeks, plucking up the courage, you know – ‘Do I need to do this? What does it mean?’

And then one day just out of desperation really, I thought things are bad enough as they are, I need to get some help.

“So I turned up here [Mind in Bradford], and the warm welcome, the people around me, just knowing that I wasn’t alone – that there are so many people who have similar thoughts, feelings, experiences as me – it just felt a bit more comforting. And listening to other people and talking to others and getting support – it really helped.

It’s a really good place, it’s enabled me to grow in confidence and have more self-belief – it just helps in every way really.

You can watch our conversation with Ian in full below:

If you want to talk to someone about your mental health, you can call our free helpline Guide-Line on 08001 884 884, any day from 8am until 12am (midnight). If you’d rather not speak on the phone, you can talk to us via live chat.

You can help us to support more people like Ian. See our events calendar or make a donation today.

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Posted on: 5th April 2023

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