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We want to help you manage your voice hearing experiences

We currently provide support to over 80 people who experience voice hearing. Anyone can access our services if you are aged 18+ and living in Bradford District and Craven.  

We provide support for people who hear voices in two ways: 

Hearing Voices Peer Support group

Every Tuesday 4.30pm – 6.00pm at St Andrews Church, Skipton

Every Wednesday 12.00pm – 1.30pm at Mind in Bradford

This group provides a safe space to learn new strategies to cope with your voices and talk to others who have similar experiences. 

Maastricht one-to-one support

Access up to 12-weeks of one-to-one support with a trained practitioner who can help you understand your voices and learn new coping strategies.  

Find out more about the support we offer below. 

How can I access support?

Both services are open for new referrals and self-referrals. The quickest and easiest way to register is through our online form:

Hearing Voices registration form

Or contact us by email if you need help completing the form. 

[email protected]

What is Maastricht?

Our Maastricht one-to-one support aims to help you manage your experiences of hearing voices. We use The Maastricht Approach; a semi-structured questionnaire that has been designed by people who hear voices and mental health professionals. It can help you gain greater insight into your experiences and form a relationship with voices, resulting in personal coping strategies which can improve quality of life and increase control.

Who is Maastricht for?

This is a radical approach to working with voice hearers and those experiencing paranoia. We are Bradford’s first Maastricht Approach Centre and work in collaboration with the National Paranoia Network.

This service is for anyone aged 18+ who lives in Bradford or Craven. No diagnosis or referral is needed to access the service. We just want to help you manage your voice hearing experiences.

What do our clients say?

The sessions have really helped me understand that the voices are me, a part of me, rather than external and outside of me.

I have been able to open up and talk about things that I have never discussed with anyone else.

I understand my voices better and try to distract myself in a positive way more often (such as music).

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