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Nadia’s story

Nadia, 18, was referred to Mind in Bradford’s Know Your Mind service for 1-1 support. She was struggling with anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Read her story below. 

Trigger warning: suicide, drugs, self-harm



Nadia’s Story

Trigger warning: suicide, self-harm and drugs


My name is *Nadia. Im 18 years old and I live in Bradford.  

I’ve struggled with my mental health for a long time but don’t feel like there is anyone I can talk to 

I’ve felt anxious, depressed and lonely. To cope with my thoughts sometimes I hurt myself and use drugs. I experience suicidal thoughts often and have tried to take my own life.  

I was referred to Know Your Mind where I met with a Wellbeing Worker to talk about my mental health. Usually when people ask, I just tell them I’m ok, but this time, I felt like I could be honest.   

When I first met my Wellbeing Worker we set some goals together. One goal was that I would turn up for all of my sessions with them. My second goal was that I wanted to feel more positive about the future.  

At the end of my one-to-one sessions I feel a lot differently now. I have stopped self-harming and no longer have suicidal thoughts. When people ask, I feel like I can be more honest about how I am feeling. I have started community work because I want to help others who might have gone through similar things to me. 

I feel more positive about my future and what’s possible for me.  

*Nadia, Young client, name changed to protect confidentiality

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