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Creative Writing group blog: anxieties around lockdown ending

Our Creative Writing group share a collective piece on their anxieties around coming out of lockdown. The piece explores themes of safety, truth, freedom and fear.

I am terrified about going outside and cleanliness.
Making sure that I am safe and people around me are clean and safe
and there is a form of respect.

No-one knows what to do.
Am I safe when I’m with you?
I just haven’t got a clue.

Wash your hands and wear a mask keep 2 metres apart.
Pots and pans are rattling to keep NHS morale up.
The virus was spreading fast and the correct PPE was slow arriving.
But eventually people started to relax and invent their own designs for their masks.

What is freedom is it a licence to do as you please?
What is freedom is it caring and consideration for others?
What is freedom to walk in a park and say hello to friends?

Posted on: 27th July 2021

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