Time to Talk day 2 – What do our clients say?

This client attended the Maastricht therapy sessions: 

My experience with Mind in Bradford has been life changing. Mind in Bradford supported me in a difficult period, helped to save my life and my Mental Health (MH) improved. I arrived at Mind in Bradford with a few issues. I was high risk. I tried to end my life, I heard really distressing negative voice and suffered from delusions. I couldn’t cope with the negative voice. I was extremely fearful.  If I didn’t have Mind in Bradford’s support, I do honestly believe I would not be here. I would have definitely contemplated to end my life successfully. 

Mind equipped me with knowledge, the right toolset to understand my negative voice, a one-to-one service and support catered to my individual needs. I was eased into this process. I started with baby steps. 

Now I’m working full time and I have no desire to end my life. I feel if a distressing situation arises I know where to go and what to do. As a service user the stigma of mental health and disclosing my experiences were extremely hard. MH differs for each individual and what one may see is not necessary what happens behind closed doors…

… I was fearful of something I didn’t understand. I was vulnerable, confused and needed support.  So for me Mind in Bradford is essential support, a haven for service users. It’s really helpful. It’s a service which offers quick, fast and helpful support. 

Thank you for your support. You really helped me.

Posted on: 5th February 2019


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