Project Coordinator Sophie speaks to BCB Radio

Project Coordinator Sophie recently spoke to BCB Radio about children and young people’s mental health in honour of Children’s Mental Health Week.

This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week began on Monday 1 February, and aims to shine a spotlight on children and young people’s mental health. Sophie spoke to BCB presenter Richard Horsman on Tuesday 2 February. She talked about the kinds of mental health struggles young people are experiencing at the moment and gave advice to children and young people on how to look after your wellbeing in these times.

The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself’. One of Sophie’s key messages was focused around the importance of expressing your thoughts and feelings and what this might look like.

She said:

We’re encouraging young people to express themselves. Find out which way you enjoy sharing your thoughts and your feelings. It could be different for everyone – it could be dance, it could be drama, it could be music – any activity that makes you feel positive.

Expressing yourself is not about being the best at something – it’s just about doing something that you enjoy, to show who you are.

Sophie also spoke about our children and young people’s service Know Your Mind and the range of support we can offer.

Listen to Sophie’s full interview here:

Posted on: 4th February 2021


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