SMI Programme Manager Masira speaks about mental health in the South Asian community

Through sharing real-life stories, we can encourage people to better inform themselves on anti-racist behaviours and practices.

In support of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s anti-racism movement, our SMI Programme Manager Masira Hans has spoken about her experiences of mental health as a South Asian woman. She touches upon generational trauma, tokenism, belonging, difference, commonality, and the importance of people taking the responsibility to educate themselves.

This video was recorded to be accessible for people who are visually impaired or who cannot read English. This is one of the first steps in our aim to make our services more accessible.

Masira says:

Individuals from the South Asian community may feel as though they will never belong in Britain. This can stop a person from accessing support they so desperately need.

What helps break down these mentioned barriers, you may ask? The same thing that helps all people. To be heard, to be listened to, and to be validated.

Watch in full below.

Masira also worked closely on a project with Leeds Mind to find out what barriers their are to accessing mental health support in South Asian communities. You can read the full report and find out the outcomes from the focus groups here. 

Posted on: 14th September 2021


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